Who is VirusHead?


Roles: Interdisciplinary intellectual, discourse analyst, contextual ethicist, poet, lover, wife/mom, teacher, researcher, daydreamer. We all have delightful differences from even the people with whom we have the most in common.
Politics: Solidly liberal, reality-based, progressive values – justice, liberty, fairness, freedom and compassion.
Religion: Golden mean seeker – between order and chaos. Eclectic, meditative, ethical, child of the cosmos. Fully-recovered former Jehovah’s Witness. Grounded and expansive. Words and silence. Walking toward kindness, peace, thriving, LOVE.
Fond of: stimulating conversation, moonlight, writing, reading, singing, snuggling, playing the piano, debating and photography.
Averse to: violence, abuse, totalitarian/authoritarian attitudes and methods, willful ignorance, mustard greens, and the typical duties of the housefrau.

I’m located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (via Massachusetts and Iowa).

You can call me Dr. Heidi (so that I don’t feel so horrible about the student loans), or you can call me Heidi. Some people call me VirusHead, but usually with a chuckle. At least one person calls me “Vi” – I kind of like that. (Why “VirusHead”?)

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