Who is VirusHead?

Who is VirusHead?

Who is VirusHead?

VirusHead (aka Heidi) is an interdisciplinary intellectual, humanities Ph.D., technical documentation guru, discourse analyst, contextual ethicist, liberal, mom/wife, writer/poet, mystic, bookworm, and all-around semi-weird but kinda fun woman.

Fond of stimulating conversation, walking under moonlight, writing, reading, singing, snuggling, playing the piano, debating, and taking photographs.

Averse to violence, abuse, destructiveness, totalitarian/authoritarian attitudes and methods, mold, mustard greens, and cleaning floors.

The labels may attract or repel you – or exist entirely outside your interest zones. What makes me different from others who may share similar affinities is difficult to articulate since we all have differences from even the people with whom we have the most in common.

If you’ve ever heard an outstanding eulogy, you know that labels can’t capture what is unique about any one of us anyway.

Stories do it a little better.

I’m located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (via Massachusetts and Iowa).

You can call me Dr. Heidi (so that I don’t feel so horrible about the student loans), or you can call me Heidi. Some people call me VirusHead, but usually with a chuckle. At least one person calls me “Vi” – I kind of like that. (Why “VirusHead”?)

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