SNL Feb 25

SNL Feb 25

Arcade Fire was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night. I hadn’t heard any of their music before. I really enjoyed both songs. It’s a Canadian band, but they had a kind of politically-astute blue-collar New England feel to me. Maybe it was just a subterranean Bruce Springsteen echo, or even just a projection of my homesick longings.


Keep the Car Running

It was a pretty good SNL all around. The host was Rainn Wilson – I may actually have to watch “The Office.” He is talented, and the segment on the show was pretty funny, even for someone who hasn’t seen the original.

The opening parody of Blitzer’s Situation Room played on news “preferences” with great performative ironies. Nice to see the play with structure and mirroring.

Second-best was the huddle of old friends at a bar, singing a song that I’m sure I’ll now avoid for some time. The sketch was well done, with only a couple of awkward timing spots (contrast with Lorne Michael’s “timing” moment – which was perfect). The buddies, drinking cheap beer “for old times’ sake,” each share a memory that they associate with the very recognizable song. They sing along with varying degrees of skill depending on how well they recovered from each revelation. Despite their disturbing and intentionally repulsive/horrifying/unbelievable anecdotes, I found this bit (strangely) a little hopeful. It was also sad and horrible because it had just that grain too much of truth. The ending wrapped it with a bow.

I also enjoyed the “Peeping Tom” segment – especially the policewomen (I laughed out loud several times).

The Oscar Reviews by Amy’s “aunt” were delivered perfectly, but I thought the writing needed one more go-over. The “new age band” had a couple of moments, but was only so-so overall.

At the bottom of the scale, the “Noonie” sketch has (really!) reached the end.

The racially-charged movie ad was a bit too edgy for me – but hey, I’m the one who can’t watch a whole episode of 24 anymore, despite my fondness for Naked Lunch and Requiem for a Dream.

I’m looking forward to another segment of Really!?! with Amy Poehler and Seth Myers. Let’s see more of that.

There was a little quiz on the SNL site asking people who was their favorite male cast member of all time. I thought the selection was limited so I didn’t vote. Does anyone else miss Phil Hartman?

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  1. Hi again 🙂 I know I’m a bad replier, but alas, I’m a bad replier to just about every blog I visit or ever emailer who emails me. LOL

    But anyway, I miss Dana Carvey (love watching him when he comes on Jay Leno) and then him with Mike Meyers for Wayne’s World. Now he had some great characters. . .

    Oh, and Phil Hartman’s Bill Clinton was near perfection! 🙂


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