VirusHead is Totally Fabulous

VirusHead is Totally Fabulous

I’m totally fabulous, and I’ve got the proof.

Beverly at Makanani gave me the “I’m Fabulous” award.

Totally Fabulous Blogger Award - VirusHead

And to these fabulous women I pass on the honor, because they never fail to make my day and I think they’re all amazing women.

Thank you so much! I am very honored, and despite my words below (which you probably shouldn’t read) I know exactly what you mean and I love you dearly. (Happy Birthday!)

I have some ideas about why my friend (“LoveBevvy” – hugs) might think I’m fabulous, but totally fabulous? I’m not sure.

I don’t think anyone has thought of me as just plain fabulous before, never mind totally so. Fab, yes – maybe. Fabulous, not so much – no.

Honestly, I’m not sure who I could feel totally comfortable with naming as my totally fabulous choices. I’m not even sure I could say “totally fabulous” without laughing. It would have to be in a kind of performative way, like I might say “it’s like BUD-da (butter).”

But no. I’m just not someone who could credibly use that phrase.

I also don’t which of my admired bloggers would be completely ok about being named as my choices for “totally fabulous.” It might be all right, and then again it might not. It depends on their own personal associations, history, and coolness factor.

I myself have noticed that this President uses the word “fabulous” more often than other Presidents did. I’m just saying.

So how about this… If you know that I like you, and also that I like your blog, and you are completely all right with the idea of being known as “totally fabulous,” then just consider yourself a recipient and save the graphic. Feel free, really – I’ll back you up.

And now for a word from the sponsor: The Totally Fabulous Award for Bloggers was created by Christy from Christy’s Coffee Break and Ann from A Nice Place in the Sun. The graphic was designed by Mike Wheeler.

Hope you guys get lots of traffic.

3 thoughts on “VirusHead is Totally Fabulous

  1. Of course you’re totally fabulous, darling. Don’t be silly…after all, water seeks it own level, and I *am* a totally fabulous Pisces grrl.

    You don’t know it but even in high school, you were totally fabulous…or at least I thought so….

    but I love you, so of course that just adds to your total fabulosity (damn, I can mutate language if I want to, eh?)

    oh and good news…the name change papers are in the works…so pretty soon I’ll have a fabulous new name (and some really needed safety)

    Love and kisses and hugs,

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