Too Much Lately

Too Much Lately

Sorry that I’ve not written anything in a while.

I’m concentrating on sailing through choppy waters in most of the aspects of my daily existence.

  • I’ve lost a dear mentor and friend from University of Massachusetts, and I’m not ready to write about it yet. I’m also still thinking about other deaths…
  • My mom has just moved from intensive care to a rehab hospital after breaking ribs and puncturing her lung.
  • I’m grieved about the escalation of hatred from some people on the right who are far too easily manipulated – and/or used.
  • The involvement of smart people – that I care about – in this anti-Obama movement is difficult to bear.
  • My compassion level has declined, and I’m tired.
  • I’ve gained a little weight, and I feel chubby and old.
  • I feel underappreciated.
  • My little boy is growing too fast, and I miss my baby.
  • It irritates me when I catch myself saying things that older people used to say to me.
  • My pro-active plans in every area are just not working out.
  • I’ve got some very wonderful close friends, but my best friends live too *too* far away and I miss them.
  • I feel guilty for feeling sorry for myself.
  • I’m mooning around, and yet I can’t seem to relax.
  • My house is – again – a big mess. I have a ton of work to do, and I’m having trouble motivating myself to do it. It’s raining, and I just want to read a novel in bed…
  • I don’t have much patience with myself for these feelings.

So – basically, I’ve been in too much of a funk to write anything of any interest.

All I’ve been able to do recently is to pass items on in Facebook.

Hope to be back soon…

4 thoughts on “Too Much Lately

  1. Give yourself a break honey. Your feelings are normal and real and valid. Take the best care of you that you can right now. Hugs.

  2. So sorry to read about your mom!

    You really have had a lot of losses in the space of a year – I’m so sorry about that!

    Totally agree with you about the anti-Obama movement. It’s a frightening indicator of the state of our society.

    I too have loved ones getting all of their information from Fox tv and right wing talk radio, which is what I think you meant by easily manipulated.

    I’m not a mom, so I don’t really know exactly what you’re going through. However, our nephews and niece are all in their 20’s and we were there when they were born and spent lots of time babysitting them. It’s a total mindblower everytime we get together with them.

    As far as the house, you are not alone my friend. For years I suffered from what has termed C.H.A.O.S. – or Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. When you are depressed and lethargic you have no energy and start letting things go. It snowballs and then it seems overwhelming. The more you look at it the more depressed you get and there begins the vicious cycle. There are some good tips at that site for getting your house organized. I’ve found some very helpful. Just know you are very much NOT alone.

    Take care of yourself so that you can come back and fight the good fight. We need you.

  3. I go through the same feeling of Funk everytime the summer ends… I must say it is compounded this year by the ignorance of normally intelligent people (my Father) being led down the Anti-Obama path. The idea of stopping his ideas for the sake of killing anything he does, is very disheartening… I lost my healthcare last May due to the cost, and can’t reup with a less expensive company, even catastrophic Health, because of one visit to the hospital over a year ago… Even after he went on national TV to rebuke and refute the lies, the media still reports the crap that spews forth from the republiCAN’Ts…

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